Who we are

Glimpse VFX is a new Visual Effects & Digital Animation Studio based in Lisbon, Portugal. Founded by artists in 2017 with the vision to become one of the best suppliers of VFX and Digital 3d Animation.
Despite it´s youth, Glimpse counts with a highly specialized and experienced team in the field of CGI image development, and among our partners and operatives we have over three decades worth of industry know-how, ranging from commercial work to hollywood blockbuster productions.
As an integrated collective of 3d artists and storytellers, we truly believe in that special alchemy that only happens when working together toward a common purpose. That’s why we think Global and work Global!
From pre-production, Animation to VFX and Digital Matte Painting, we create content for all forms of digital productions, offering a wide range of creative and technical services, always striving for excellence.

Our Services


From storyboards, animatics, visual and look development and whatever else your film might demand, our team will help you visualize every step, securing an easy and efficient flow of production.

Concept and Design

The world of VFX Production starts by the visual development of an idea. Our Team will help bring yours to life! Anything from logo animations to magical creatures, intricate environments and sophisticated FX. Developed through several iterations, multiple solutions are always explored before settling on the final design. Let us show you what you have been thinking about!

Visual Effects

From sophisticated particle effects to dynamic fluid simulations, Glimpse can fill all your VFX needs. Our team can tackle any challenge be it abstract custom designed FX or mimicking natural phenomena like water, fire, smoke, etc. If you can imagine it we can create it!


Glimpse VFX offers the full package in terms of 3D animation development, from the pre-production stage with storyboarding and concept art to asset building and rigging, down to the final rendered frame. With a highly specialized and commited team of animators we can tackle multiple styles of production and bring your vision to life.

Matte Painting

From set extensions to fully realized complex CG environments, Glimpse VFX has a highly experienced and commited digital matte painting team that can help you cross the gap from imagination to reality.


Glimpse VFX has partnered with Lightfilm, Portugal´s foremost expert in digital compositing to provide you with state of the art integration and grading solutions, ensuring your final frame gets all the attention it deserves.