From creating a 2d/3d concept for an aluminum superhero, multiple liquid simulations, and other visual effects, finishing in modeling realistic house and buildings, Glimpse is proud to present a 35” spot developed for Tú Vân Media, Vietnam, combining multiple visual cultures of the Vietnamese agency and production team, Director Martin R Wilk from Germany and our Portuguese team. By articulating all these partners, in the middle of a pandemic, Glimpse was able to develop and achieve the client’s vision for this product with his super-powerful metallic hero!


Client: Dinostar, Ngol Diep
Production Company: Tú Vân Media
Executive Producer: Luong Dinh Dung
Producer: Phan Thi Hai Minh
Director: Martin R Wilk
Post Production: Light Film
Sound Design: Cantinho da Música

3D/VFX: Glimpse VFX
CG/VFX Supervisor: Rui Romano
Concept Artist: Pedro Otelcana, João Batista
Matte Painting: Diogo Sampaio
Look Dev: Pedro Benjamim
Modeling: Henrique Lopes, Pedro Benjamim, João Batista, Jaime Cipriano, Sebastião Lopes, Luis Catalo, José Maximiano
FX: Diogo Ferreira, Jaime Cipriano, Luis Catalo
Animation / Rigging: João Batista, Sebastião Lopes