EDP - Electric Mobility

Are you ready to fly? Fasten your seatbelts, EDP electric mobility has arrived!
A real challenge for our 3D team, developing a grand canyon scenario in full CG, smoke simulations and other 3d props that set the mood to this incredible race to the future!

Working in close partnership with Director Rui Vieira from Playground and Light Film for compositing, we were able to put together all the necessary elements creating a really cool atmosphere.


Client: EDP
Campaign: Electric Mobility
Agency: Solid Dogma
Production: Playground
Director: Rui Vieira
Compositing: Lightfilm
3D: Glimpse VFX
3D Orca: Glassworks London

Our Services: Project Supervision, Modeling, Texturing, Animation, Look Development, Rendering, Pre-Compositing