With Bar Ogilvy’s creativity, directed by Fred Oliveira, Krypton Films produced for Iberdrola a film where the concept of a green light for a more sustainable planet was explored in a unique and creative way.
For this campaign, Glimpse was in charge of the development of all the VFX elements that were created in 3D, and then, presented in a video mapping mood.
A CG bird, ivy’s, flowers, plants, motion graphic effects, and a lot of measurements after, we proudly present the final result of great teamwork between all the departments.


Client: Iberdrola Portugal
Agency: Bar Ogilby
Production Company: Krypton Films
Director: Fred Oliveira
Post Production: Light Film

3D/VFX: Glimpse VFX
CG/VFX Supervisor: Rui Romano
Animation/Rigging: João Batista, Rafael Sousa, Pedro Benjamim, Rui Romano
Look Dev: Pedro Benjamim, Rafael Sousa, Magda Silva
FX: Jaime Cipriano, Rui Romano, João Batista, Rafael Sousa, Diogo Ferreira
Tracking: Jaime Cipriano, Rui Romano, Rafael Sousa