Intermarché Baby Fresh

Baby Shark?! Not really… but close!
For the new Intermarché`s campaign, when everything seems to be quiet, the real fun begins!

A true pleasure to participate in such an animated campaign, with Lola Normajean creativity and the special touch of director Guilherme Afonso from Nebula Studios, bringing a happy supermarket to life!


Client: Intermarché
Agency: Lola Normajean
Production Company: Nebula
Director: Guilherme Afonso
Executive Producer: João Marcos Marchante
Production Director: Liliana Ramires
DOP: Duarte Domingos
Art Director: Li Pinheiro
Food Stylist: Niquita
Music: Sonido
Post-Production House: Light Film

3D & VFX: Glimpse VFX
CG Supervisor: Rui Romano
Modeling: Jaime Cipriano, José Maximiano, Pedro Benjamim
Animation & Rigging: João Baptista, Luis Catalo
FX: Diogo Ferreira, Jaime Cipriano
Shading & Lighting: José Maximiano, Pedro Benjamim

Our Services: Project Supervision, Modeling, Texturing, Look Development, Animation, Rigging, Rendering, Pre-Compositing