Kero's Toy Factory

Christmas has arrived early at Glimpse with Kero´s toy factory!

A full CG challenge directed by Sérgio Henriques where our team lost itself in the childlike universe of Christmas. Working for Molotov and Boost, and partnering with Light Film on compositing, we have expanded our team beyond borders and joined efforts for a result worthy of the little one’s expectations.

Glimpse was responsible for creating a full CG animated film with seven unique characters and stylized environments, from storyboard and concept art, to modeling, look development, rigging, animation and rendering. We also delivered high quality prints, all this within a tight deadline ensuring that we met our client´s highest expectations.

From Portugal to Angola, we wish you an early Merry Christmas!


Client: KERO
Agency: Boost
Production: Molotov
Director: Sérgio Henriques
Compositing: Light Film
3D: Glimpse VFX

Our Services: Concept Art, Storyboard, Modeling, Texturing, Rigging, Animation, Look Development, Project Supervision