Paladin - Maionese do Mar

Amadeu and Sebastião are the new characters for the new Paladin campaign. And what a pleasure to work in such humorous campaigns, with close communication with all the creative team and clients!
Apart from all the technical difficulties surrounding this project, we were asked to make a stop motion effect for the 3d movie.
It was a pleasure to make some scripting that allowed us to control the position and rotation of multiple objects with different frame intervals to achieve the desired effect.

We had such a blast on this project, that we really hope to see our main characters more often on social media! Who knows what`s coming?


Client: Paladin
Agency: VLMY&R
Post-Production: Light Film
Sound: Cantinho da Música

3D/VFX: Glimpse VFX
CG/VFX Supervisor: Rui Romano
Storyboard: Pedro Otelcana
Rigging: João Batista
Animation: João Batista, Manuel Bello
Modeling: Pedro Benjamim, João Sousa, João Batista, Raquel Ribeiro
Lookdev: Pedro Benjamim, João Sousa
FX: Diogo Ferreira, Jaime Cipriano