Somersby "Um mundo do outro mundo" Campaign

For the first time Super Bock Group decided to do an entire campaign developed in Portugal, by portuguese professionals, in a full CG format!

NOSSA was the chosen agency to develop the film script and lead this 2018 campaign, Um Mundo do Outro Mundo. Pedro Gaspar and Alexandra Pinheiro were in charge of the production management and Glimpse VFX in partnership with Light Film, was the team responsible for materializing the agengy creativity and scripts!

Glimpse VFX main challenge was to develop a solution that would bring to life 5 different Somersby worlds and atmospheres. This solution had to work, not only for a 30 second movie with 4 flavours but for 10 variations that could be used separately or with different combinations.

In order for this ambitious project to be acomplished within the deadlines presented, a pre-production work was done using 2D mood boards and animatics, which proved to be essential to begin a coherent and focused 3D animation process.

We had a total of 3800 hours of render time for this project where we had to deal with 5 different environments with 3d vegetation, ice, ocean, smoke and other visual effects.

This is the result of a very intense work season, where the efforts and team work from all the participants involved were absolutely crucial.

We hope that you like it as much as we do and, above all, dont forget to….
Always drink in moderation!


Client: Super Bock Group
Campaign: “Um mundo do outro mundo”
Agency: NOSSA
Broker: PG & Cia
3D Production: Glimpse VFX
Compositing / Grading: Light Film
Audio: Cantinho da Música

Our Services: Concept, Directing, Modeling, Texturing, Rigging, Animation, Look Development, Rendering, Project Supervision