Vodafone 5G

Let`s go to Mars?!

The latest Vodafone campaign for the 5G technology takes us to the fantasy world of the youngest!
Under the sharp, delicate, and sensible eye of Director Cristiana Miranda, Together We Can, sets the mood for endless possibilities and achieving your dreams.
We are proud to participate once again in a Vodafone campaign, with multiple challenges like creating a spaceship landing on Mars.
Soon, you can check the three movies from this campaign on a site near to you!


Client: Vodafone Portugal
Agency: Wunderman Thompson Portugal
Broker: Film Brokers
Production Company: Playground
Director: Cristiana Miranda
Post-Production: Light Film
Sound: Pedro Macedo Camacho

3D/VFX: Glimpse VFX
CG/VFX Supervisor: Rui Romano
Animation/Rigging: João Batista
Look Dev: Pedro Benjamim, João Sousa
FX: Diogo Ferreira
Tracking: Jaime Cipriano